How to Apply Your Decal

Decals are a great way to personalize your car, laptop, cell phone, windows, walls, appliances, frames, and more. They adhere to most non-porous surfaces and are easily removable.

1.       Clean surface with rubbing alcohol.  Allow to dry thoroughly.
2.       Slowly remove the white backing paper, exposing the sticky side of the decal.  Be sure that all parts of the decal stay face down and are not removed with the paper.
3.       Holding the transfer paper a few inches away from your surface, position your image where you would like it to go.  When you are satisfied, press it down.
4.       Use the edge of a hard, flat object to smooth out bubbles.  Credit cards or putty knives work great for this.  Start from the center and work your way out.  


5.       Remove the transfer paper and enjoy your new decal.


*Car Decals can withstand weather and washing.   They are easily removed by peeling them off with little sticky residue remaining.