We have alphabet and airbursh stenicls to enhance every project.  

They are durable, easy to clean and useful as freehand stencils on other projects too.


Stencil Materials

  • Stencil Board –  A white 10 mil. clay-coat polyethylene lamented on kraft release liner. Used for non-adhesive stencils where durability, high quality and re-use are a concern.  The opaque stencil board is thicker and stiffer than the Solvent-Proof Mylar.  However, the soft, paper-like quality still allows it to be molded around curved objects.  Its slick surface allows it to be easily cared for by wiping clean or hand-washing with soap.  Use a spray tack to convert it to an adhesive stencil. 
  • Solvent-Proof Mylar - Clear Polyester Mylar 5 mil. laminated on kraft release liner.  Used for non-adhesive stencils where stencil clarity, high quality, and re-use are a concern.   The clear solvent-proof Mylar material makes positioning your stencil easy.  Its durability allows it to resist most paints and solvents.  It is easy to wipe or wash clean to maintain its clarity.  Use a spray adhesive to make this an adhesive stencil.